Villa Ravello - Montecito, California

    As Senior Project Manager for Appleton & Associates, Inc - Architects, Domiane Forte was the project architect for Villa Ravello: a 9,700 sq. ft. traditional Mediterranean style Residence, Poolhouse and Guesthouse, on a beautiful 2.5 acre estate in the hills of Montecito, California. 

    Finished in 2011, the design began with the incorporation of the client's significant collection of contemporary and traditional art, which informed both the layout and aesthetic of the design.  Both intimate and formal rooms allow for the entirety of luxurious life.  While completely designed around a particular client, it was built to last many generations, and within the traditional language that transcends time and place: this is a home which truly applies the ancient principles of Utility, Strength, and Beauty. 

Architect- Appleton & Associates, Inc.

Interior Designer- Patti Skouras, Inc.

Contractor- Leonard Unander Associates

Project Manager- Stonemark Construction Management