• Design, Construction Detailing, Management & Construction Administration

     Client interaction is integral to the success of any project; thus we put an emphasis on the process of design, in which the final design comes from the drawing out of client needs and requirements.  From the very beginning of the project, we specialize in aiding our clients in program development, schematic design, bidding, construction documentation and administration of construction.  We bring the very highest level of service to our clients, fully participating in the layout and design to meet their functional requirements, to final selection of finish materials.  We devote ourselves to our clients, and work hand in hand with the best contractors to deliver a home that exceeds every level of expectation. 

  • Masterplanning

     For projects in their infancy, we provide early feasibility studies for projects, in order to help our clients determine the scope, cost and time variables for their projects.  Quite often, a fundraising packet is developed to aid in the search for benefaction, including project statistics, high quality imagery and illustration, and potential giving levels, based on realistic, acheivable goals.

  • Liturgical Consultation

    With a thorough understanding of both the theological and practical requirements of sacred architecture, we bring to a project the knowledge and experience necessary to meet the liturgical requirements of parochial, collegial, and metropolitan churches and ecclesiastical centers.

  • Design Consultation

     Whether you're a client, architect, interior designer, or fabricator, we can give thorough consultation and design review to your traditional vernacular or classical project, in order to help avoid costly errors or obvious mistakes.

  • Architectural Illustration

    Whether it's a an informal sketch of a small detail, or a formal rendering of an entire building complex, we specialize in illustration to the architectural, design, real estate and fabrication professions.  Working in the traditional mediums of watercolor, graphite and ink, colored pencil, and prismacolor, we can provide the imagery in a myriad of styles to convey your designs to your client, developer, contractor or government review body.   With 10 years experience in the top residential firms in the country, we understand the details you want to convey.  You won't waste time trying to explain a unique detail.  We get it.  We can illustrate it. 

  • Furniture Design

    With a background of furniture design and fabrication, we can design and fabricate one of a kind, ultra high quality pieces for your home, church, or office, to be functional and pieces of beauty.