Strength.  Utility.  Beauty.

      The right application of these three principles is at the very core of the mission of Forte & Associates.  We aim to provide an unparalled level of service and the highest quality of design to our clients.  We specialize in developing unique program with each client, within the framework of a traditional and historical continuum.  Rather than dictate to our clientele what their home ought to be, we draw out the project they would like to see; by providing the knowledge, experience, and dedication necessary to fulfill the aspirations of their particular project.  Regardless of the scale of a project, whether it's a $15,000 kitchen remodel or a $15,000,000 residential estate, we can provide the romance, charm, and subtlety recognized by the most discerning tastes. 

     To Sacred Architecture, our team brings to the table both a commanding knowledge of the Church's patrimonial history, as well as a thorough understanding of Liturgical function.  Working within the language of tradition while building for the Church's future is key to the success of the liturgical environment, whether that be a small parish church, or a metropolitan cathedral.  We understand the specific function of liturgical elements within sacred architecture, and the uses of those elements are consistent with a correct understanding of Canon Law, and the particular needs of a worshipping community. 

     Regardless of the kind of project we're working on, essential to our process is the craft of drawing.  While we take full advantage of current technology for technical drawings and coordination, we believe it is essential for the good of the design that design drawings be drawn by hand whenever beneficial to the final goal.  This is the art of design, and allows a designer much more control and craft over his drawings, and ultimately, a better project. 

About our Founder

    Domiane Forte earned his B.A. in Liberal Arts, focusing on Classical Philosophy, Theology and Mathematics, from Thomas Aquinas College, following several years of studying Mathematics at several other colleges.  After a couple years as an accomplished furniture maker, he returned to academia and received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame, applying his passion for classical philosophical and mathematical theory to his passion for the practical world of traditional building.  At Notre Dame, he studied under the two founders of the new renaissance in Sacred Architecture:  Thomas Gordon Smith and Duncan Stroik. 

     Domiane has since become an active and recognized leader himself in this same renaissance of traditional art and architecture. Through lecturing, professional publications, and as a certified instructor at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, he helps clients, builders, architects and designers better understand the principles of classical architectural practice & theory, regularly teaching courses for the Institute in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Miami, and New York. 

     Domiane lives in Santa Paula, California with his wife Maria and 6 children: Emma, Giuseppe, Enzo, Francesco, Isabella and Leonardo.  He is active in his local parish, is a professed Third Order Dominican, is a scouting leader, and coaches little league baseball.   He gratefully serves his alma mater; Thomas Aquinas College, as Chairman of the Board of Regents. 

Residential Estate Projects:

     Private Estate; Southern California (2005, Designer with Tom Bollay, Architects)

     Private Estate; Southern California (2008, Project Architect with Appleton & Associates, Inc.)

     Villa Ravello; Montecito, CA  (2011, Project Architect with Appleton & Associates, Inc.)

Small Residential Projects:

     Masteller Residence; Santa Paula, CA  (2007)

     Forte Residence; Santa Paula, CA (2009)

     Schneir Residence & Barn; Camarillo, CA   (current)

Commercial and Civic Projects:

     Courtyard Fountain for The Biltmore at Santa Barbara; Santa Barbara, CA (2005, Designer with Tom Bollay Architects)

Ecclesiastical Projects:

     Cathedral of Christ the Light Counterproposal;  Oakland, CA  (2004)

     Mary Queen of Peace; Rogers, MN (2006)

     St. Francis of Assisi Parish; Fillmore, CA (2006)

     Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Courtyard; Thomas Aquinas College:  Santa Paula, CA (2008)

     Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Liturgical Furnishings; Thomas Aquinas College:  Santa Paula, CA (2008)

     St. Henry Parish; Buckeye, AZ (2010) 

     St. Mark University Parish & Newman Center; UCSB, Goleta, CA  (current, in conjunction with Tom Ochsner, Architect)

     St. Dominic Chapel at The Dominican Campus; Nashville, TN (current, in conjuction with Appleton & Associates, Inc - Architects and JJCA, Architects)